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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spotlight on contributors to "Joy, Interrupted": Terri Elders and Megan Moore

We are honored to put the spotlight on two contributors for our anthology, “Joy, Interrupted,” Terri and Megan.

Terri Elders
Terri Elders has two pieces in the anthology, “Ready for Stardust” and “Dreaming as the Summers Die.”

What inspired your work to be published in the anthology? 
Though I became a step-grandmother when I remarried in my sixties, the children all had other grandmothers already. Kendra was born just a few days after my husband died, and is my "official" step-grandchild, since her maternal grandmother lives in Eastern Europe, and her paternal grandmother has had little contact because of illness.

"Ready for Stardust" is about the emotions I felt when I attended her christening. I was adopted by my birth father's sister and her husband, and in “Dreaming as the Summers Die,” I recount the last day I saw my birth mother.

Even in old age, I wonder about her life and wish I'd had a chance to talk to her about her girl-hood. 

Who are you and what is interesting about yourself, personally, or as a writer? 
I am a retired psychiatric social worker, and now live in the country near Colville, Washington in the far northeast corner of the state. I grew up in Los Angeles, and lived for decades in Long Beach, so I miss the ocean. I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize, Dominican Republic and Seychelles and also worked at Peace Corps Headquarter as a program and training specialist. I've been to over 50 countries. 

Where else have you been published? 
I started writing as a child, and have been published in dozens of anthologies and periodicals, including multiple editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Cup of Comfort, Patchwork Path, HCI Ultimate, Literary Cottage, and other anthologies and magazines. I'm writing my memoir story by story for anthologies. Through these books I have a chance to reflect on how events shaped my life, and perhaps to influence or inspire others.

Why did you submit to our anthology? 
The title appealed to me...Joy, Interrupted. I've seen so many lives shattered by unfulfilled dreams and dashed hopes. Yet we all suffer losses, and the longer we live the more we lose.

What are some favorite books, movies, or other representations of motherhood have you liked or appreciated? 
Lisa See's Shanghai Girls comes immediately to mind. Also, the classic, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, the first children's book I read that focused on growing up.

Anything else you would like to share? 
I'm grateful that Fat Daddy's Farm plans to publish anthologies, and look forward to seeing call outs for more stories.

Terri Elders can reached by email at elders@hotmail.com and her blog is at http://atouchoftarragon.blogspot.com/

Megan Moore
Megan's piece is called “Life without Rain” and is about “my baby girl being born sleeping.” She is the mother of three and loves traveling and Tinkerbell. She is 25 years old and lives in Texas. She was inspired by “my angel baby Rain” and wanted “to get the story of my Rain out” in the world. She would also like people to know, “Heaven is for real.”

Megan can be reached at Selesprincess@yahoo.com

Please look forward to more interviews with contributors and a guest interview with Ellen Gerst, a grief and relationship coach, this week.

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