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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spotlight on Anna Steen and Lottie Cellini-Corley

We are honored to introduce Anna and Lottie, two contributors to our anthology, "Joy, Interrupted."

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Anna Steen

Anna Steen wrote “Star Bunk” and can be reached at annasteen@me.com This is one of her first pieces of flash fiction (less than five hundred words); she usually writes short stories and is working on her second novel.

Anna describes herself as “a mother, writer, and coffee roaster,” and says, “If I had to pick three things to do with my life, these would be it.  So I consider myself lucky and grateful.”

Anna also has written a story about motherhood titled "Jericho Road," which won Best Emerging Artist on the online journal Our Stories.  The story is about a mother faced with a Good Samaritan decision. Anna addresses various questions, such as:  When do you help someone else?  What if your life is at risk?  What if the lives of your children?  Where is that line in helping someone else whose life is in peril?

Anna says her inspired her work and describes “Star Bunk” as “a snapshot of my nights with him. “ She also says, “I'm glad I wrote it so I can always look back on it and remember how I felt during those years.” According to Anna, her piece has a “cord of motherhood and deals completely with feelings a child growing up can arise in a mother.”

Anna finally shared, “This was the perfect home for the piece. In general pure themes of motherhood are not written about enough but play back themes or side plots in books. That said, favorites would have to include Kingsolver's "Poisonwood Bible", Cleave's "Little Bee," McCann's "Let The Great World Spin," Harris's "5 Quarters of an Orange," and Schwartz's "Drowning Ruth."

Lottie Cellini-Corley

Lottie Cellini-Corley wrote “Sweet Little One” and “Trinkets” and can be reached at mlcorley1@embarqmail.com 

According to Lottie, the first piece is about a person who would like to be a mother but all odds are against her having a child. “The anguish she feels every moment of her life. She asks why?? Did she do something wrong and that is why she is not blessed with a child?”

Lottie describes “Trinkets” as, “Three sisters brought together to go through their mothers trinkets after her passing away. The times they cannot spend with her. No mother's day. The pain of losing someone who after all the years collected these items out of love for them.”

In addition to Lottie's “becoming a soon to be author, I became an illustrator with my pen and ink work.” In addition to spending much time working on her memoirs, poetry and songs, she likes to play golf, dabble in the parapsychology and is a huge Beatles fan.

Lottie also has a book coming out soon called "Trials and Turbulence"  She has also been a published illustrator with "Prick of the Spindle" and various other publishers.

She credits her mother as her inspiration for her contributions to our anthology: “My mother was right behind me, giving me subtle loving pokes to go after what made me happy.” Her work was also inspired by “my own anguish with my infertility.”

Lottie feels like "Fat Daddy's Farm" would be the perfect platform to reach out to others and all who have had similar experiences.

Lottie also shares that her favorite movie is Titanic and loves to read Steven King and Edgar Alan Poe.


  1. Lottie as a whole is an inspiring woman, she writes as she is, pure and honest. The depths of her emotions, come to light thru her drawings and writings, she wraps ones heart with raw and pure emotion.

    1. gibberish, she is a no talent and writes like a child come on