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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review of Joy, Interrupted

Review of Joy, Interrupted by Sharon Fulham, author and educator

Joy Interrupted is a creative anthology that helps grieving mothers move through pain to the other side of joy. Mothers who have suffered excruciating loss  can realize they are not alone.  This book carries a  voice of hope with words of comfort which come through the stories of its contributors.  It becomes  a safe harbor for mothers to retreat  to express grief, to rest the mind, and to read about creative ways to work through grieving.  It suggests that even after paralyzing grief,  mothers can keep on creating, living, and to begin experiencing moments of joy again.

Jenn Williamson's poem, "The First Dream," in Joy, Interrupted is beautifully written. It describes a dream about her mother six months after her death. It is wonderfully descriptive, picturesque, comforting, and awakens longing... “The First Dream” easily wraps itself around those who have lost their mother in death. Readers will hold it close to their heart. I love this poem!

Margaret Kramar's "Dining Hall" is a story in Joy, Interrupted about a mother’s struggle and reluctance to ‘let go’ of her son when she left him at college that first day. Mothers in this scenario can relate to her anguish and deep feelings of loss. It was in the ‘dining hall’ that she realized this would be their last meal together for a long time.  “I wanted to be his mother,  to feel the bond between us, to caress him with affection that falls down like soft leaves...“  Her son glared at her over his shoulder... his steel grey eyes allowing no admittance.   Mothers everywhere will understand why she sobbed all the way back to Des Moines... and they will marvel at how she came to terms with ‘letting go’. 

I am still mesmerized by Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow’s  story,  “RG" in Joy, Interrupted.  If Elynne had birthed a son...  he would have been named RG.  He would have become someone who would lessen this world’s despair ...  At the age of  forty-two she married her best friend, Richard.  As a married couple they pursued their own dreams and those dreams they built together.  As a professor, she invested  her heart and time in teaching a Communications course “LIFE 101” which she loved!  She taught her students self-esteem and how to reach their potential.  I got a lump in my throat when she wrote about her prize-winning garden of students... with which many of whom she stays in touch. Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow has an undeniably warm,  nurturing mother’s heart. You must read her story to learn more about RG and the unforgettable ending.  
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