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Friday, November 23, 2012

Updates --looking forward to Nov. 30--marketing plan for Joy,Interrupted

As many of you know, I am defending my dissertation this Tuesday. On Nov. 30 I will be releasing a new timeline for publishing Joy, Interrupted, with deadlines for contributors, proofreaders, and myself.

I will also be asking help in promoting the book. Right now I am learning how to develop a marketing plan by promoting my book, Insanity: A Love Story.

What I am doing now to promote this project will help us build an audience for our anthology.

Here are some of the things I am doing now and plan on doing for our project on the anthology:

Getting Likes for Fat Daddy's Farm facebook page at http://facebook.com/fatdaddysfarm.org

Getting followers on twitter @fatdaddysfarm

Promoting and fixing up the website at fatdaddysfarm.org

Getting reviews and ratings, on Goodreads, Amazon and blogs, posting them to facebook, tweeting them

Guest hosting on blogs

Exchanging reviews with other authors

Doing Author Q&As on blogs

Promoting our books in posts, tweets and getting others to share these posts and retweet

Posting excerpts on facebook, twitter

Doing a free book promotion (btw, my book, Insanity: A Love Story,  is free to download today on Black Friday, as a special thank you)

Promoting books on various sites

There are more things in the works.

If you know of anything else I should be doing, please let me know. Some of these things you can do now, if you do want to help with the promotion of the project, other books we publish, and the press itself--they are all interconnected, so more exposure for one is good for all.

 As time goes by, I will explain more about the marketing plan.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend,
I am grateful to have all the contributors to Joy, Interrupted

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