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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Press Release

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Upcoming Anthology "Joy, Interrupted" Explores Themes of Motherhood and Loss

 Ironton, MO---Melissa Miles McCarter is editing an upcoming anthology about motherhood and loss titled, "Joy, Interrupted," to be published by Fat Daddy's Farm in the Fall of 2012. After her own loss of an infant daughter in 2003, she couldn't find many books having to do with the topic of motherhood and loss.

According to McCarter, "Most people think about motherhood as a joyous experience, but for some it can be experience of interrupted joy." As the author of a memoir, "Insanity: A Love Story," about her own experiences with mental illness, she was no stranger to tackling difficult subjects. However, more than just wanting to share her own experiences, she wanted to find writing and art that could explore the subject more universally.

This new anthology delves into the subject from perspectives of sixty authors and artists from all over the world. Lottie Cellini-Corley says she decided to submit her work to the anthology because she was convinced the book would be, "the perfect platform to reach out to others and all who have similar experiences." Other writers who contribute to this upcoming collaboration echo similar sentiments, saying they were inspired by their own personal losses as mothers, such as Gabriella Burman who says, "I want to keep my daughter alive," through her writing. Sixty contributors from such countries as Turkey, Canada, Vietnam and England, in addition to a significant number of American writers and artists all explore the common themes of loss in the context of motherhood. They write about the universal experiences of loss, such as through death, adoption, or never even being able to have children.

McCarter says, "More than anything, I hope through the book both the contributors and readers find a sense of community of people who share their own feelings and experiences. "

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